photography by paper antler

     Midwest born and raised, Lauren J. Piskula has had a curiosity and passion for interior design her entire life - or at least as far back as memory allows. Fast forward twenty-some years (and many cold & blustery days inside designing the floor plan(s) of home after dream home) her love for beautiful things, spaces, and design is realized through deluxe design studio - home to all things creative.        

    Having also lived in New England, the Pacific Northwest, and Southern California, Lauren draws great inspiration from her surroundings. She has infused these experiences into interior design projects - whether it be urban, suburban, or lake country. deluxe design studio takes pride in being resourceful & attentive - all while translating the overall vision for a space into a language that is unique to individual clients.

We would love to work with you to create your very own beautiful sanctuary.